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SPICE Models, Modeling

Models that I use and have written are published here. See also my Coilcraft inductor model converter.


Reverse Engineering Study

I study an old 5V Converter as a demonstration of reverse engineering, and see what can be learned from it.


Precompliance Tools

As I encounter more EMC (Electromagnetic Compliance) tests, I find it useful to build hardware to perform those tests myself, before going to the laboratory: Precompliance Tools


Trinitron Monitor Repair

My good old high resolution CRT monitor was failing; I fixed it.


Electronic Fuse

With a response time as low as 5μs, this electronic fuse can provide current limiting and fault protection for electronic circuits, especially in development, research or laboratory environments, where the circuitry being tested may not yet have protection circuitry incorporated.


Radio Receiver, 20m Band

A project I'd always been meaning to do: build a complete hetrodyne radio set. This is built in the classic style, with vacuum tubes. Excellent performance: low noise and high gain; wide dynamic range; no spurious responses within the tuning range; AM and SSB demodulation.


Induction Heating

A compact, high frequency induction heater, suitable for diverse applications from soldering to powder metallurgy. This project is in the proposal stage. Please contact me if you have any questions, comments or would like to support this project!


Class D Ampifier

A small 10W nominal power output, 70% typical efficiency, switching amplifier.



A fully functional, high quality theremin. Completely hand made, from-scratch design, it has high sensitivity and low distortion.


Power Supplies

12V Converter


Motor Converter

Motor Controller

Intended for electric vehicles, this controller is rich with features and can drive an output stage rated for DC motors up to 100 HP. Other applications include treadmills, machine tool spindle power, etc.


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