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Seven Transistor Laboratories, LLC

Since 2015, Seven Transistor Labs, LLC has been providing electrical engineering services to customers in the United States and worldwide. Reference articles are listed under Articles, JavaScript calculators can be found on the Calculators page, and example designs are exhibited under Projects. Thanks for taking a look.

Services Offered

I use industry-standard Altium Designer® to create the highest quality schematics, circuit board layouts, and documentation, needed for today's high technology and quick-turn designs.

Unsure about your project timeline? Need a quick review?

Got an electronic idea you want to bring to fruition?

EMC hassles frustrating your product release?

Specialties include: switching power supply design, analog circuitry, RF design, EM field analysis, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and more. Contact or e-mail and I can help make your ideas a reality.


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